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Most of the Wrightsville Beach’s berm is gone, limiting the space available for beachgoers, who are now setting up camp closer to the dunes. Vehicles are having a harder time traveling across the soft sand, and the town has already restricted access to the bare minimum of emergency vehicles. (Port City Daily/Preston Lennon).

NC - Out of options, Wrightsville Beach chooses offshore dredge site, may disturb 50-year-old tire reef

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH — Sand is running out along the shores of Wrightsville Beach. A risky offshore-dredging plan seems to be the only path forward.

Star grass (Halophila engelmannii) Star grass generally is more common in the northern lagoon, but it can be found throughout the system. Star grass grows at a range of depths and sometimes with other species in mixed beds. Whorls of four to eight blades, one-half inch to an inch long, grow from a single stem forming a star-like pattern. CONTRIBUTED BY THE ST JOHNS RIVER WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT

FL - Pumping ocean water into the IRL and creating inlets draws fire from fish conservationists

The essence of the idea is simple: pump ocean water into the Indian River Lagoon and create new inlets that would then let the water circulate back to sea, diluting or removing the excess nutrients that are killing the estuary.