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LA - Outgoing Gov. Edwards unveils historic coastal protection master plan

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - In his final meeting with the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA), Governor John Bel Edwards presented a draft spending plan aimed at combating land loss in Louisiana.

The proposed $1.68 billion draft, the largest funding allocation in CPRA history, focuses on strategic initiatives to mitigate storm surge and reduce flooding.

During the State Capitol gathering on Wed., Dec. 13, the CPRA outlined the draft’s key components, emphasizing the importance of barrier islands, marshes, and swamps in fortifying the state against environmental challenges.

The plan comprises over 120 projects, spanning barrier island restoration, marshland preservation, and ongoing maintenance of completed coastal initiatives.

“The number of projects, the size of projects, the amount of funding... you all have shepherded and invested more resources in coastal protection and restoration projects than in any other time in history,” Gov. Edwards said. “The size and scope of the projects have also broken records and I think together, we have shown that we can live up to that $1 billion per year pace of construction that’s called for in the master plan.”

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