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Great Lakes
Great Lakes

MN - How does Minnesota manage its coastal areas?

Minnesota, despite being a landlocked state, manages its coastal areas with a comprehensive approach that prioritizes conservation, sustainable development, and public access.

Great Lakes

GL - Launch of “All Too Clear” : A Documentary that gets beneath the surface of the Great Lakes

TOBERMORY — Over the past 20 years quadrillions of invasive mussels have been sucking the life out of the Great Lakes. They’re trapping nutrients, the basic building blocks of life, on the lake bottom. Without nutrients, organisms of all kinds - from the tiniest plankton to the largest fish - are vanishing. In Lakes Huron, Michigan, and Ontario, vast offshore areas have become “biological deserts,” heralding one of the biggest changes to the Earth’s freshwaters in 10,000 years.

Great Lakes

IL - How Can South Shore’s Lakefront Be Better Protected From Climate Change?

Delta Institute introduced its state-supported flooding and erosion “resiliency” project to a few dozen South Shore neighbors this week by sharing research taking place in the neighborhood, the city and beyond.

Great Lakes

IL - After billionaire leveled lakefront bluffs, Chicago suburb considers whether to regulate, protect them

CHICAGO — The Winnetka, Illinois, Village Council hosted a study session to consider enacting regulations for bluff and steep slope construction and destruction after residents raised concerns about billionaire Justin Ishbia removing bluffs from his lakefront property.

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