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Coastal News Today—home of the American Shoreline Podcast Network—is a one-of-a-kind digital community where stakeholders and professionals from every coastal and ocean sector come together to start conversations and share knowledge.

A great way to reach your customers and stakeholders and have maximum impact with your advertising dollars is to partner with Coastal News Today and ASPN. There are three partnership opportunities listed in the Advertising Platforms below.

Why advertise here? Because CNT and ASPN are the one place to reach every coastal sector.

Target Your Audience -
Pinpoint a specific industry or community and access new ones.
Share Knowledge and Build Your Brand - Opportunities to extend thought leadership and tailor your organization’s narrative.
Network Like Never Before - Connect to a vast network of leaders in key coastal areas and get to know their circle of influence.
Support Something Big - An exclusive opportunity to show that you stand behind cooperation and inclusive dialogue to sustain thriving coastlines.

Advertising rates vary depending on the frequency, duration, and platform.
Contact for more information.

american shoreline podcast network

A great way to reach your customers and have an impact with your advertising dollars is to be a sponsor on ASPN. There are two sponsorship opportunities outlined below.

Presenting Sponsorship

Presenting sponsors receive top billing on ASPN shows. Show hosts will discuss or read the message you want for your firm or service up to two minutes in length. Rates vary depending on the frequency and duration of the sponsorship. For example, you can sponsor all or selected ASPN shows for a period of one month or longer. Sponsorships are a minimum of 30 days.

Presenting Sponsors have the added option of including their brand on the ASPN graphic tiles for an additional fee.

Advertisement Read

During the course of an ASPN show, you can secure an "advertisement read" for up to one minute in length. Advertisements reads occur between show segments, not at the top of the show. Advertising reads are for a minimum of 30 days.

coastal news today

No other platform brings together so many cross-sectional coastal experts. Open to a dialogue of differing views, we get to the crux of how landmark deals happen—giving you an edge.

Homepage Placement

There are great advertising opportunities on the Coastal News Today homepage. Four  spaces are available: two vertical ad spaces (275px x 400px & 275px x 600px) and two horizontal banner ad spaces (728px x 180px & 728px x 90px). Custom-sized homepage ads can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Interior Page Placement

Multiple advertising opportunities throughout the extensive Coastal News Today website. Interior page advertisements circulate throughout all pages except for the homepage. Ads are available in vertical orientation (275px x 400px & 275px x 600px) and  horizontal orientation (728px x 180px & 728px x 90px). Custom-sized  ads can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Daily email blast

The Coastal News Today email blast draws more than 150,000 coastal professionals to CNT every month. The Daily Email Blast is a personal email announcing the latest news of the day and the latest ASPN shows. There are two great advertising opportunities available in the Daily Email Blast.

Top Vertical Banner

This ad space is the premier ad location in the Daily Email Blast. The banner space is 728px wide, with banner heights available in 90px and 180px. Banners are available for a minimum of 30 day durations.

Bottom Linked Logos

Add your company logo to the Daily Email Blast and take advantage of affordable advertising option. Your company logo or graphic asset can be included along the bottom of the email. There are a maximum of three slots available.