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About CNT | Insight & Intelligence for Thriving Shorelines

Coastal News Today, home of the American Shoreline Podcast Network, is a non-profit, non-partisan platform for coastal and ocean leaders, professionals, and concerned citizens to share information and promote discussion. Need to reach us? Email us at

What we do:

Give stakeholders from different coastal industries and disciplines exclusive insights from across the spectrum of coastal interests to inform better decisions.

Break down barriers between sectors to offer you behind the scenes access into how decisions are made in the coastal space.

Empower professionals whose shared success depends on healthy coastlines - from infrastructure and ecosystems to governments and economies.

Coastlines are complex geographic zones. People from different industries and interests often look at the same challenges from different silos. We bring the coastal community together to start conversations and share knowledge. Trust our news and insights to make you—the coastal professional, property owner, or stakeholder—better equipped for your job.


Coastal News Today delivers key headlines and exclusive editorials from across the coastal space.

Current, expertly curated, and quickly scannable

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Our American Shoreline Podcasts Network features leaders from over a dozen interconnected shoreline sectors

In-depth, topical conversations for unparalleled insight

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To support the success of shoreline professionals and empower an informed coastal citizenry—illuminating divergent viewpoints among coastal interests and advancing the understanding of new practices, partnerships, and opportunities.

Our Community Partners

We value our relationships with the organizations that share our vision of a thriving and connected coastal community.