The American Shoreline Podcast Network

Engineering with Nature: Dunes | ASPN University

All dunes matter and we must do a better job keeping them.

The Invisible Burden of Tourism | Big Tourism

Running a tourism town ain't cheap. Who pays.

Engineering with Nature: Oysters | ASPN University

Oregon State Coastal Engineering Grad Students talk oysters

The September Update From Our Nation's Capitol | WaterLog

The DC guys on thee latest in US coastal policy and money.

Salmon fillets fresh off the 3-D printer!

A whole new meaning to the concept of "paper jam"

SeaShare Tackles the Hunger Crisis in America | Seafoodie

Seafood is essential to feeding hungry Americans

Hiding Behind the Fish Tank with Katie Darr | Big Tourism

Observing coastal tourists in their natural habitat

Tribal Nations' Seafood Heritage | Seafoodie

Inside the challenging World of PNW Tribal Fisheries

Part III: The Return to Shore | Surf Sail Seafood

New England coastal expedition comes ashore.

Road to Nowhere

Legal challenges in protecting coastal infrastructure.

The Effort to Create a National Seafood Council

Fish, it's what's for dinner. New Seafood Council Proposed

Taylor Goelz on the UN Decade of Ocean Science

The Big, Big Blue - How to Make it Sustainable.

The August DC Update

Sensible words from our Capitol. Yup, it's possible.

The Intersection of Racism+Seafood

Perspectives to learn from on the American Shoreline.

Organizing the Working Waterfront: A Tour of Two Coasts

Working on the American shoreline has never sounded so good!

Stuck in the Mud | The New Fresh & Salty Podcast

America's Estuaries - the Treasures of our Coasts

The Kelp Crisis and the Miracle of Macroalgae | Changing Waters

What's killing west coast kelp and what we stand to lose.

Mid-Summer Nights Dream

Maybe it's a nightmare but coastal Americans are resilient!

Inspirational Trash Talk with Mary Crowley

Project Kaisei takes on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Emilie Mazzacurati on Climate Change Risk Intelligence and Analysis

Science-driven risk analytics to investors & governments

The July Update from Washington DC

Politics is crazy these days but important these days.

Aquaculture and the Future of Seafood

The serious business of seafood. Is aquaculture the answer?

Birds of a Feather

Time for a check in with the LA "bird people" ...

Off the Grid with Vetiver Farms in Hawaii

Stabilizing Hawaiian shorelines with vetiver grass

Grover Fugate, the Ocean State's Coastal Legend

Welcome aboard the new Coastal Conundrum Podcast on ASPN!

Get a Game Plan

Another killer episode from the LA Delta!

New York City's Billion Oyster Project

Can NYC be a leader in oyster restoration? They're trying!

Louisiana Coastal Update

Don't miss the latest from the Louisiana coast

Adaptation at the Community Level with Hannah Payne

Don't miss this great episode of the Sea Change podcast!

Drinks with Aquaculture Lawyers | Friday Happy Hour

Getting a handle on the burgeoning aquaculture industry

Ray Lauenstein from the Aquatic Development Group

Get the inside scoop on NextGen Waterfronts!

Building Coastal Resilience in Louisiana and Beyond

Don't miss the latest from the ever-dynamic Louisiana coast!

Paul Labovitz, Superintendent of Indiana Dunes National Park

Inside ID National park, America's Best Idea Ever

Mayor Joe Mancini on COVID and Long Beach Township, NJ | Local Control

100,000 people will soon descend on Mancini's town. Danger

How might COVID-19 change us: Part II

We have reached a strange moment in the COVID Era

The Shorewords! Shelter-in-Place Coastal Reading List: Part 1

The first installment in Lesley's coastal reading list

A Decade After Disaster

How the LA shoreline recovered and changed over 10 years.

A Look at the US Fish and Wildlife Service Coastal Program

The Capitol Beach is back with another great episode!

COVID-19 Part 3: Sweet insight with Sweet Homes Vacation Getaways | Big Tourism

Vacation rentals take a direct hit. Is there a path forward?

ASBPA Coastal Summit Recap | Capitol Beach

We missed the ASBPA Summit. Virus. But, good stuff happened