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ASBPA & CSO Joint Coastal Policy Part 4: A discussion of Shoreline Development

Part 4/5. Check out the other three episodes below!

March 6, 2021
Derek Brockbank

A Close Up Look at CPRA with Executive Director Bren Haase | Delta Dispatches

Louisiana' latest coastal restoration plan has been released

Exploring A Century of U.S. Beach Nourishment | Shorewords!

The never-ending effort to restore America's beaches

March 1, 2021
Lesley Ewing

Going Soil to Sea with Samantha Duchaine | Sea Change

Good health begins in the dirt . . .

February 27, 2021
Jenna Valente

A Discussion of Permitting Policy on The Capitol Beach

Regulations, permits & approvals - Could the system improve?

February 20, 2021
Derek Brockbank

Upending Global Hydrogen with Dr. Greg Rau | Changing Waters

The greatest carbon sink on the planet: The Deep Ocean

Cook-off for the Coast & Friends of Bayou Lafourche | Delta Dispatches

Good food with a side of Louisiana coastal policy

A discussion of Sediment Management policy on The Capitol Beach

Part One of the ASBPA-CSO Policy Confab

February 12, 2021
Derek Brockbank

Pescatourism: It’s What’s for Vacation! | Big Tourism

Experienced-based tourism in SE Alaska commercial fishery

February 12, 2021
Arica Sears

What is an Environmental Impact Statement? | Delta Dispatches

The coming EIS for the Mid Barataria Sediment Diversion

Foundations of the Ocean Decade - All Your Questions, Answered! | Ocean Decade Show!

Get to know the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

February 5, 2021
Taylor Goelz

A Jam-Packed February DC Update | WaterLog Podcast

New administration, new direction & insight from our DC Pros

Offshore Freshened Groundwater with Dr. Aaron Micallef

Freshwater reservoirs under the sea? Yes indeed

Deoxygenation and the Oceans in the UN with Dr. Lisa Levin | Changing Waters

Changing ocean conditions drive rationalists to action

Welcome to 45Q: America's Backdoor Carbon Emissions Market Takes Flight

America's secret market for carbon capture & sequestration

Glen Spain Part II: Freeing the Klamath River

Dam removal efforts advance on Oregon coastal river

Remembering Dan Martin, Host of ASPN's Next-Gen Waterfronts

A tribute to Dan Martin, host of the Next-Gen Waterfronts po

WRDA Wonkfest! A Policy Deep Dive with Ryan Seiger on the Capitol Beach

2020 WRDA: A Deep Insider's View of US Water Resource Policy

January 14, 2021
Derek Brockbank

Dr. Steve Dundas on the Economics Governing Coastal Armoring Trends

The lemming effect on shoreline armoring decisions in Oregon

A look back on 2020 and a look forward to 2021

2020 has passed and it is onward and upward at CNT & APSN

Welcome ASPN's Newest Pod: The Ocean Decade Show with Taylor Goelz

Time to get serious: The UN Decade of the Ocean Begins

January 1, 2021
Taylor Goelz

ASPN Holiday Special

Greetings from the ASPN/CNT Team!

The History of Offshore Oil & Gas on the American Shoreline

Drill down into oil & gas history with two pros

Leadership for Sustainability with Dr. Bruce Hull | Sea Change

Jenna and Bruce talk Leadership for Sustainability

December 18, 2020
Jenna Valente

...And a Pontchartrain Conservancy in a Pear Tree! | Delta Dispatches

Pontchartrain Conservancy pushes forward in spite of Covid

Two Paths of NOAA Service with Captain Skip Theberge

Five decades at NOAA: A pro looks back.

Climate Science & Hurricanes and New Orleans City Park | Delta Dispatches

Hurricanes, climate change and New Orleans. Lots to say.

NOAA's Oral History Archive with Molly Graham

NOAA collects the voices of this coast.

Contemplating the Future of Carbon and the Ocean | Friday Happy Hour

Thinking deep on climate change as in the deep ocean

November 20, 2020
R. Tyler Buckingham

Bringing Down Barriers and Building Community with Carmera Thomas-Wilhite

This will be the best thing you'll listen to today!

November 18, 2020
Jenna Valente

Service, Science, and Society with Coast Guard Vet Peter Deneen

We cover a lot of ground on this special episode.

Preserving Louisiana's Cultural Heritage

Coastal culture in the crossfire.

A Coast to Coast Vibe Check & Tales from the Rio Grande

America is moving forward. What does it mean for the coast?

Engineered Whitewater Attractions with Olympian Scott Shipley | Next-Gen Waterfronts

Olympic champion kayaker helps create coolest waterparks

November 18, 2020
Dan Martin

Why MRGO Must Stay Gone | Delta Dispatches

Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, aka the "Hurricane Highway"

Nicolas "Miki" Schmidt on the NOAA Digital Coast

NOAA's Digital Coast web portal offers a world of data.

The Shore & Beach Magazine Edition Pt. 1: Kristen Goodrich | Shorewords!

Who knows where the sediment goes? Kristen Goodrich does

November 18, 2020
Lesley Ewing

Eyes on the Sky | Fresh & Salty

Learning from the Storms of our Past

October 21, 2020
Peter A. Ravella

The Road to Resilience | Delta Dispatches

Is green infrastructure the way to resiliency.

Climate Gentrification on the American Shoreline with Michael Allen

Better building codes+resilient shorelines = gentrification

Resilient Marinas Make Resilient Working Waterfronts

The economic impacts of marinas on the American Shoreline.

October 16, 2020
Ashley Bennis

The Small but Mighty Port of Everett, Washington | Next Gen Waterfronts

Limited waterfront,, many interests, creative solutions.

October 13, 2020
Dan Martin

Miami Vice: James Murley on the Biscayne Bay Management Plan

There are 2.6 m people in Miami-Dade. It shows in the bay.

WaterLog October Update from Washington DC

ASPN's Capitol Hill pros keep an eye on it all.

Hurricane Laura Recovery | Delta Dispatches

Help support people SW Louisiana,

Where Conservation and Tourism MEET | Big Tourism

Tourism: too much of a good thing?

October 4, 2020
Arica Sears

Visions from the High Plains | Friday Happy Hour

New Mexico really is enchanted.

October 4, 2020
R. Tyler Buckingham

Engineering with Nature: Dunes | ASPN University

All dunes matter and we must do a better job keeping them.

Leadership in the Conservation Space with Nick DiPasquale | Sea Change

Wisdom from the long road - the best kind.

October 4, 2020
Jenna Valente

The Invisible Burden of Tourism | Big Tourism

Running a tourism town ain't cheap. Who pays.

October 4, 2020
Arica Sears

Engineering with Nature: Mangroves | ASPN University

We all know its true: Mangroves are good for the coast.

CPRA Leader Discusses Hurricane Laura Response | Delta Dispatches

Inside the preparation & response to a major hurricane

Reflecting on Hurricane Katrina's Legacy | Delta Dispatches

The Deep Impact of Katrina, not soon forgotten.

Engineering with Nature: Oysters | ASPN University

Oregon State Coastal Engineering Grad Students talk oysters

The September Update From Our Nation's Capitol | WaterLog

The DC guys on thee latest in US coastal policy and money.

Salmon fillets fresh off the 3-D printer!

A whole new meaning to the concept of "paper jam"

October 4, 2020
Robert E. Jones