The American Shoreline Podcast Network

Texas Dives Into Flood Planning

A trend we are seeing throughout land-water interface?

The January DC Update

Stay current with all the important developments from DC!

Going Deep on GOMESA

GOMESA has emerged as a major source of funding on the gulf.

Sea Change Best Moments of 2019

Join the Coastal Advocates on the Best of the Sea Change Pod

The Capitol Beach Best of 2019!

It's been a great year for the Capitol Beach pod on ASPN!

ASPN's 2019 in Review

Thank you for making 2019 a fantastic first year for ASPN!

Introducing the Enchanted Island Podcast and Carmella Guiol

Get to know the host of ASPN's newest show, Enchanted Island

Ports, Duck blinds, and a New Film, In the Blind

Becoming a coastal leader: Ports, Duck Blinds and Wetlands

Field Notes from Playa Del Carmen

Taking a trip to a beautiful shoreline south of the boarder.

Indiana Dunes - America's Newest National Park

The newest National Park has 16 miles of lake shoreline.

Ropeless Fishing Technology with Rob Morris of Edgetech

Continuing our look at the Right Whale and lobster fishery

Black Friday Happy Hour

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Recapping the 20th Annual AIWA Meeting!

Wrapping up our coverage of AIWA from Savannah, Georgia

Welcome to AIWA, Live from Savannah!

Welcome to our coverage of the AIWA Annual Meeting!

Future Leaders in Coastal Restoration

Jacques and Simone are back with another LA Delta update.

WaterLog October DC Update

Don't miss the latest news from inside the Beltway

The Economics of Coastal Restoration

Don't miss the latest from the Louisiana shoreline

ASBPA 2019 Students and Young Professionals Check In

We check in with the young pros and students at ASBPA 2019.

ASBPA Rising Star Award Winner Frannie Bui

A sit down with this year's Rising Star award winner!

A Myrtle Beach Welcome!

We're live in Myrtle Beach to cover the ASBPA Conference!

Creating an Ocean Rain Forest off the CA Coast

Undoing the harm through California kelp forest mitigation.

Going DEEP with Author James Nestor on Shorewords!

Author, journalist and adventurer -- Meet James Nestor

Dream Summer Camp: Acadia Institute of Oceanography with Sherry Gilmore

If you were a marine bio nerd, this was your "space camp!"

Mark Osler, Senior Advisor for Coastal Inundation and Resilience at NOAA

A great show from DC with insight into NOAA's coastal work

Coastal Management in Jefferson Parish

Don't miss the latest conversation from the Louisiana Coast!

Tyler's Field Notes from Ukraine

Tyler is back with an audio field notes edition from Ukraine

National Estuary Week on Florida's Emerald Coast

Kick off National Estuary Week with ASPN & three pros.

Super Hoppy "Pacific NW Style" IPAs with Thane Tienson

Join us for IPAs & a preview of cool new shows from the PNW

The 2nd Annual Endless Summer Labor Day Special

Celebrate ASPN's 1st birthday on this special episode of ASP

Labor Day Kickoff Special with Oregon's Arica Sears

Heading onto the holiday with some solid beach bevs!

August DC Update

The WaterLog crew is back to bring us the August DC update

Tom Kelsch, Senior VP for the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund

Gulf Week wraps up with a great episode of the Capitol Beach

Hot August Happy Hour

Happy Hour regulars Derek, Jenna, and Tyler shoot the breeze

Chief Meteorologist Margaret Orr

Jacques speaks with the Chief Meteorologist at WDSU in NOLA

The Arithmetic of Coastal Retreat with Rob Young

Rob is back to repot on his new study on buyouts in NTB

Mary Ludgin, Senior Managing Director, Heitman

Mary talks risks and rewards in global coastal real estate

The Strangest Beach Town in America

A beach town with a population of 8 people is a rare bird.

Episode 100 with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

Congratulations to Delta Dispatches on 100 awesome episodes!

The Living Coast by Montopolis

We're excited to introduce you to The Living Coast!

Riffing on Shoreline Trends with Dan Martin

We discuss how to talk about climate change on the coast.

Debriefing the 2019 Budget Deal & More

Howard and Dan are back with this month's Beltway update!

Joe Leahy, A Coastal Renaissance Man

Jenna is back with another inspiring Sea Change episode.

A Conversation with Rep. Garret Graves

One of the most important coastal leaders in America.

Midsummer Coastal News Brief

Its the middle of summer so its a time for a hot news brief.

Field Notes from the British Columbia Coastline

Peter brings reports in from the beautiful BC shoreline.

Using Aquariums for Ocean and Coastal Education with Keith Winsten

Learn about the role Aquariums play in ocean education

At What Point Managed Retreat with Radley Horton

Following up on the Managed Retreat conference at Columbia U