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Connecticut Joins the NERR Family with Rebecca Roth

Celebrating 50 years of the NERR System!

The Central Role of STEM Education in the Blue Economy | American Blue Economy Podcast

How Ocean STEM Education will power the next generation.

January 19, 2022
Adm. Tim Gallaudet

The Boston Globe's David Abel Reports from the Maine Coast

The latest from the Maine coast and lobstermen v. whale

The Activism of Rugged Seas: Apparel from Recycled Fishing Gear | Sea Change

Preserving the working waterfront one bib at a time!

January 14, 2022
Jenna Valente

The Transforming Texas Coast with Jim Blackburn

Jim says that the present time is the most quickly changing.

Cleaning up the carbon mess: What are the options? | Changing Waters

Can ocean carbon scale up to help tackle the climate crisis?

January 5, 2022
Brad Warren

Recapping 2021 on Louisiana’s Coast | Delta Dispatches

Wrapping up a historic year on the Louisiana coast!

Meet Jim Mullen: Surfer Turned Environmental Cleanup Innovator | Wave Makers

Dive into the blue tech frontier with Wave Makers!

December 21, 2021
Tamara Kahn

A Conversation with U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy | Delta Dispatches

Sen. Cassidy was a major champion of the BBB in Congress

James Lindholm on the Story of Ocean Science and Adventure | Shorewords!

A conversation with the author of the Chris Black series

December 16, 2021
Lesley Ewing

2021 in the American Blue Economy | American Blue Economy Podcast

Recapping the 10 episodes of 2021 + 2022 sneak peak!

December 14, 2021
Adm. Tim Gallaudet

The Wild Frontier that is the Arctic Heading into 2022

What role will the United States play in the Arctic?

The Biggest Ocean Moments of 2021 | Sea Change

Breaking down 2021 from the perspective of ocean advocacy.

December 10, 2021
Jenna Valente