Mud Matters: Tracing the Carbon Carriers of the Ocean Floor

December 10, 2023

Ocean mud: Unseen hero of sequestration.

In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham engage with NOAA scientists Doug George and Sara Hutto in a discussion about their groundbreaking research on carbon hotspots along Northern California's coast. The conversation delves into the significant discovery of carbon reserves on the seafloor, highlighting the role of marine sanctuaries in climate change mitigation and the importance of preserving these natural carbon sinks. The experts shed light on the relationship between ocean sediments and carbon sequestration, offering a novel perspective on the ocean's potential in addressing global warming. Tune in to explore how this discovery could reshape our approach to environmental conservation and climate policy.

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Peter Ravella & Tyler Buckingham

Peter and Tyler joined forces in 2015 and from the first meeting began discussing a project that would become Coastal News Today and the American Shoreline Podcast Network. At the time, Peter and Tyler were coastal consultants for Pete’s firm, PAR Consulting, LLC. In that role, they worked with coastal communities in Texas, Florida, and North Carolina, engaged in grant writing, coastal project development, shoreline erosion and land use planning, permitting, and financial planning for communities undertaking big beach restoration projects. Between and among their consulting tasks, they kept talking and kept building the idea of CNT & ASPN. In almost every arena they worked, public engagement played a central role. They spent thousands of hours talking with coastal stakeholders, like business owners, hotel operators, condo managers, watermen, property owners, enviros, surfers, and fishermen. They dived deep into the value, meaning, and responsibility for the American shoreline, segment-by-segment. Common threads emerged, themes were revealed, differences uncovered. There was a big conversation going on along the American shoreline! But, no place to have it. That's where CNT and ASPN were born.