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Singapore - Aectual 3D prints Tiffany & Co. façade using recycled ocean plastic

Designed by MVRDV and located at Singapore’s prestigious Changi Airport

Tiffany & Co. has recently unveiled its newest store – with a coral-inspired, 3D printed façade – located at Singapore’s prestigious Changi Airport. The façade was designed by MVRDV, and 3D printed by Aectual using recycled ocean plastic, and is strategically positioned in the bustling Piazza Garden, this outpost is intended to stand as a testament to Tiffany & Co.’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility.

The façade draws inspiration from the intricate patterns of coral reefs native to Singapore’s waters – encapsulating the essence of nature’s delicate beauty. This endeavor was made possible through a collaborative effort between Amsterdam’s Aectual and Milan’s BUROMILAN – both leaders in their respective fields of 3D printing and engineering.

MVRDV delved deep into Tiffany’s rich heritage to imbue the design with elements that resonate with the brand’s identity. From subtle hints of the iconic Tiffany Blue to the adoption of avant-garde materials, the design pays homage to Louis Comfort Tiffany’s revolutionary work in glass art during the late 19th century. The flora and fauna motifs interspersed throughout the store further draw from Tiffany’s storied design legacy.

The façade features a 50-millimeter-thick screen with a cell-like pattern that effortlessly marries form and function. Beneath this, a layer of glass transitions from Tiffany Blue to a deep ocean blue – mirroring Singapore’s maritime setting. MVRDV NEXT, the technological wing of MVRDV, played a crucial role in refining the screen’s pattern to ensure it could endure various structural stresses.

The innovation extends to the materials utilized, with Aectual pioneering a method to fabricate the screen from recycled ocean plastic, including reclaimed fishing nets. This choice not only references the oceanic theme but also contributes to the conservation of marine ecosystems. Navigating the stringent fire safety regulations of the airport setting posed a significant challenge, adeptly addressed by BUROMILAN through the integration of a seawater-derived chemical into the material mix.

Aectual 3D prints Tiffany & Co. façade using recycled ocean plastic. Designed by MVRDV and located at Singapore’s prestigious Changi Airport.

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