LA - Coast Guard finds new oil sheen in Gulf of Mexico near Plaquemines Parish

WASHINGTON, DC — The US Coast Guard said Dec. 6 that it found a light sheen west of an area in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) where it was leading the cleanup of a million-gallon (liters) oil spill for nearly three weeks, but it could not confirm if the sheen was from that spill.

PLAQUEMINES PARISH, La. (WGNO) — Officials with the U.S. Coast Guard said a new oil sheen has been spotted near the location of November’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico near Plaquemines Parish.

Coast Guard officials made the announcement Tuesday, Dec. 5, noting that the “light unrecoverable sheen” is under investigation.

They said it has not been confirmed whether or not the sheen is related to the initial spill.

The spill was first confirmed on Nov. 16 by a Main Pass Oil Gathering aircrew.

The Coast Guard later reported that more than 1.1 million gallons of oil could have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

On Nov. 29, Coast Guard officials said no new oil was detected from that spill and its impact on the shoreline and wildlife was “minimal.”

Tuesday, Coast Guard officials announced that divers and remote submersibles had assessed the entire length of the company’s pipeline, as well as 22 miles of surrounding pipelines, but have not yet found the source of the spill.

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