Tribal Nations' Seafood Heritage | Seafoodie

October 4, 2020

Inside the challenging World of PNW Tribal Fisheries

Two tribal leaders in the Pacific Northwest tell us about the centuries-old role of seafood in Native American heritage, the fight to maintain their rights in the court system, the complexities of co-management of fisheries with the States, tribal seafood exports, and how they are fairing in the pandemic. An informative and revealing conversation on the the Seafoodie Podcast with Chef Robert E. Jones. Only on ASPN.

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Robert E. Jones

Chef Robert is a respected leader in sustainable seafood and a passionate advocate for global food systems reform. Before attending the Culinary Institute of America in Napa he had 20+ years of experience in government affairs, advocacy, and public policy including managing a sustainable fisheries portfolio for a global organization and as an appointee by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. Today he advises clients on ways to promote sustainable seafood and tackle loss and waste in the supply chain.