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The CNT & ASPN Summer Fund Drive

Whether you are a business looking to expand your reach, a coastal organization wanting to promote a conference, or a podcast host seeking to amplify your message - we've got you covered.

Partner with Coastal News Today and the American Shoreline Podcast Network to reach a diverse audience of scientists, engineers, policymakers, business owners, researchers, nonprofit directors, and other coastal stakeholders from across the American shoreline.

Reach out to Tyler Buckingham to learn more about sponsoring CNT & ASPN:


Why work with CNT and ASPN?

Coastal News Today—home of the American Shoreline Podcast Network—is a one-of-a-kind digital community where stakeholders and professionals from every coastal and ocean sector come together to start conversations and share knowledge.

Target Your Audience -
Pinpoint a specific industry or community and access new ones.
Share Knowledge and Build Your Brand - Opportunities to extend thought leadership and tailor your organization’s narrative.
Network Like Never Before - Connect to a vast network of leaders in key coastal areas and get to know their circle of influence.
Support Something Big - An exclusive opportunity to show that you stand behind cooperation and inclusive dialogue to sustain thriving coastlines.

Check out our platforms below to learn more about our reach and the services we offer.

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coastal news today

No other platform brings together so many cross-sectional coastal experts. Open to a dialogue of differing views, we get to the crux of the issues that face the ocean and coast.

Homepage Placement

There are great advertising and event promotion opportunities on the Coastal News Today homepage. Four banner ad spaces are available: two vertical ad spaces (275px x 600px) and two horizontal banner ad spaces (728px x 180px). Homepage placements are included in our sponsorship or event promotion packages.

Interior Page Placement

Interior page advertisements circulate throughout all pages except for the homepage. Ads are available in vertical orientation (275px x 600px) and  horizontal orientation (728px x 180px). Homepage placements are included in our sponsorship or event promotion packages.

american shoreline podcast network

We make it easy for coastal professionals to hear their favorite podcasts by putting them all in one space - the American Shoreline Podcast Network, or ASPN. Our community of more than twenty coastal experts hosts eighteen active podcast series and has produced more than 400 shows - with incredible guests that include U.S. senators, agency directors, and leaders in business and advocacy.

Join our community

Whether you want our full range of production services, or would just like to expand your podcast's reach, we are here to help you tap in to our audience of coastal professionals and high-value listeners. Podcasts which we "carry" get visibility on all platforms, automatic access to our ASPN subscribers, and additional promo through social media, website, and our Daily Email Blast. Podcasts which we "produce and carry" get all of the above - along with consulting and technical assistance through all stages of the production process.

Advertisement Read

As part of our sponsorship package, your business can secure an "advertisement read" for up to one minute in length during the course of all ASPN shows. Advertisements reads occur between show segments, not at the top of the show.

For an additional fee, your business or organization can become a presenting sponsor - and receive top billing on ASPN shows. Show hosts will discuss or read the message you want for your firm or service up to two minutes in length, at the beginning of all or selected ASPN shows. Presenting Sponsors have the added option of including their brand on the ASPN graphic tiles for a second additional fee.

Promotional podcast segment

We offer paid show segments on our flagship podcast, the American Shoreline Podcast, to promote your business or your event. These are included in our sponsorship and event promotion packages, or can be purchased as a standalone item. We will bring on a lead principal, director, or project manager as a guest to talk about anything they like - whether it be a key project, a career journey, or the latest work or research at the company. For podcast segments promoting events, we like to put together a “conference preview” with the organization’s executive director and the keynote speaker - and offer live event coverage through a series of podcasts for an added fee.

Daily email blast & social media

The Coastal News Today email blast is opened more than 20,000 times every month by CNT and ASPN subscribers. The Daily Email Blast is a personal email announcing the latest news of the day and the latest ASPN shows. There are two great advertising opportunities available in the Daily Email Blast.

Horizontal Banner

This ad space is the premier ad location in the Daily Email Blast. The banner space is 728px wide, with banner heights available in 90px and 180px. Daily Blast banner ads are included in sponsorship packages.

Social Media Channels

CNT and ASPN are active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and have a reach of over 10,000 followers. All daily news stories and recent podcasts are promoted on our social media.