What does "Infrastructure" mean for the American Shoreline? | Waterlog

May 5, 2021

Money makes the infrastructure world go 'round.

Everyone in Washington is talking infrastructure, but where is the talk about water? On the next episode of the WaterLog podcast, Howard and Dan wade through how Congress and the new Administration are planning to take on water and coastal priorities in the nation’s infrastructure initiative. The Senate has decided it will bring back earmarks alongside the House, which has already closed it’s deadline for earmark requests. Meanwhile, Republicans are scrambling to find out how they will counter Democrats’ legislative tactics. Finally, Howard & Dan talk about the new nominee for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, the Administration official in charge for the Corps of Engineers.

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Howard Marlowe & Dan Ginolfi

Howard Marlowe is president of Warwick Group Consultants, a Washington, D.C. consulting firm. For the past 40 years, he and his firm have helped local and state governments as well as engineering firms and nonprofits with policies, programs and funding that affect the coast. Howard’s articles on coastal economics and resilience have appeared in the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association’s Shore & Beach magazine as well as other peer-reviewed publications. For the past few years, the focus of his firm has been on facilitating Federal-State-Local collaborations that transcend both political boundaries and the confusing programs and policies of the 16 Federal agencies that have a coastal mission. Howard is a graduate of Penn’s Wharton School of Finance and Commerce and NYU’s School of Law. He is currently on the Faculty at George Washington University. | Dan is the Coastal Resilience Director for Warwick Group Consultants. He is an engineer with a background in sustainability, systems engineering and environmental science. Since joining the team, he has spearheaded the firm’s growth as well as the development of its unique resilience program. As a lobbyist, Dan has worked with universities, the Corps of Engineers, State and local governments, Congress and the executive branch to draft and implement policies that provide an improved framework for coastal resilience, regional sediment management, and programs that promote regional interagency and intergovernmental collaborations for coastal resiliency. Dan manages the firm’s day to day operations, undertakes issue research, develops technical, policy and strategy reports for clients, and co-authors the water resources policy and current events newsletter, WaterLog.