Two Beach Managers Face COVID-19: Inside the Decisions to Close the Beaches in Galveston & Los Angeles | Local Control

October 4, 2020

To open or not to open? That is the question.

Peter Ravella is back with another episode of the Local Control Podcast, the show that takes you inside the rooms where local government professionals contend with the coastal issues of the day.  Well, these days it's COVID-19 and we sit down with two pros, Reuben Trevino, Chief of Operations for the Galveston Park Board of Trustees, and Gary Jones, Director of the Department of Beaches and Harbors for Los Angeles County.  Both have had to make tough decisions on whether, when, and how to close the beaches, a public health decision and one that has significant economic consequences for their communities. What's it like to sit on the hot seat and help make the call?  While Reuben has since moved on to join the US Army Corps of Engineers-Galveston District, he, like Gary, is a long-time beach professional.  Take a peak inside the topsy-survey world of beach managers in the "Age of the Rona" on this episode of the Local Control  Podcast.

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Peter A. Ravella

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