The Local Recipe That Calls For A Volcano | Tasty Solution

May 11, 2022

Kicking off the tastiest new addition to the ASPN Family!

Join hosts Jane Connelly and Arica Sears as they meet with Cristina Melo, Founder of The Local Food Culture, who gives us a crash course on everything Azorean. Starting with a brief history of this unique Portuguese archipelago, we quickly dive into how its history, heritage, and landscape have shaped its food culture and influenced its modern society. The question we ask is, “Can leveraging an island’s food tourism opportunities help address societal challenges in local fishing communities?” Listen to find out!

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Jane Connelly & Arica Sears

Jane Connelly is a culinary tourism activator and all around bon vivant. Jane strives to preserve and promote local foodways and culinary heritage through the development of community based tourism and to open people’s eyes to the wonders of the world’s gastronomy while observing and preserving culture, customs and the planet. Arica Sears is a destination management aficionado and social steward. She supports coastal ecosystems, cultural heritage and local identities by aligning community priorities with tourism opportunities while also encouraging moonshot goals and out-of-the-box thinking from the tourism industry.