Suzanne ludicello on a New Tool to Empower Fisheries Stakeholders | Changing Waters

May 14, 2021

On fish, two fish, red fish blue fish . . . it's not so easy

Are the oceans being emptied out by overfishing or are fish stocks recovering thanks to recent efforts to strengthen the sustainability of harvests? And who gets to decide? On this episode, Suzanne ludicello, a founding board member of the National Fisheries Conservation Center, talks with Brad Warren about a tool she co-developed with a team at the leading marine resource consultancy MRAG Americas. It is designed to enable nations and fisheries (and others) to rigorously gauge their own performance in governing fisheries. Commissioned by the Walton Family Foundation, the Fisheries Governance Tool (FGT) “puts power in the hands of managing agencies, environmental organizations, funders/investors, and other key stakeholders,” according to the MRAG team. Iudicello offers an inside story about why this tool seeks to enable people close to the resource to  set their own goals and judge their own progress.  Learn about this innovativeness approach to fisheries assessment.  Only on ASPN!

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Brad Warren

The hosts of the Changing Waters podcast are Brad Warren. Brad is a veteran journalist who spent decades covering fisheries and marine conservation, and now heads the National Fisheries Conservation Center (known as NFCC) and its Global Ocean Health Program.