Stuck in the Mud | The New Fresh & Salty Podcast

October 4, 2020

America's Estuaries - the Treasures of our Coasts

In this inaugural episode, the American Shoreline Podcast Network is proud to launch the Fresh & Salty Podcast, a new collaboration with the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association.  This show will explore, discuss, and celebrate America's great estuaries!   Host Peter Ravella goes coast-to-coast on this kick-off show with Cory Riley, Reserve Manager of the Great Bay Reserve in New Hampshire, and Mark Silberstein, Director of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation, a non-profit partner with the Elkhorn Sough National Estuarine Reserve Reserve on Monterrey Bay, California.  It is a great introduction to this new ASPN series and to the National Estuarine Research Reserve System.   Check it out and share it with your friends and we look forward to bringing more Fresh & Salty your way!

Show Notes & Links:

Great Bay Reserve
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Coastal Zone Management Act
Healthy Lands Feed Students
NH Climate Adaptation Workgroup

Show Transcription
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Peter A. Ravella

Founder and Publisher of Coastal News Today and ASPN, experienced business owner in coastal policy, land use, grants, permitting and financing with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental and coastal services industry. Skilled in Government, Community Engagement, Beach & Dune Restoration and Financial Planning, Natural Resource Management, Wetland Mitigation, and Environmental Education. Strong education with a BS in Marine Biology from Texas A&M and a JD with Environmental Law Certificate from Northwestern School of Law, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon.