Reshaping an industry: How hospitalities can eliminate plastic in a COVID world | Shaped By The Sea & Big Tourism

It takes a lot of little steps to make a big difference

It's no longer a surprise that plastics are polluting our world's oceans at unprecedented rates and people are demanding change all across the world. Will businesses rise to the occasion and meet the demands of the next generation? Hosts Brian Yurasits and Arica Sears connect from across the continent to learn about the steps businesses are taking to defeat plastic in the hospitality industry. Joined by Cassia Patel, Program Director at Oceanic Global, they explore the barriers faced by an industry in distress and what it will take to create a sustainable future. Cassia works in hubs across the planet to help steer businesses in the right direction, presenting real alternatives to single-use plastic, and making big changes less daunting through the Oceanic Standard. But hospitalities have been hammered by the coronavirus pandemic. Will they regress back to a reliance on cheap disposables or is this an opportunity for a fresh start? And what the heck is revenge tourism? An informative, challenging and eye-opening discussion.