Master Diver Michael Carr

October 4, 2020

Michael has been called to a life of service at sea

On this episode of Ship to Shore, Robert Frump welcomes Michael Carr to the show to discuss his lifelong career of service in the Coast Guard and Army. Michael was an Operations Officer and Diving Officer with the U.S. Coast Guard National Strike Force Dive Team, faculty at Maine Maritime Academy, faculty at U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, faculty at Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies, a U.S. Army Marine Warrant Officer, a U.S. Army Electronic Warfare Officer, a Master for Crowley Maritime's Alaska and Gulf of Mexico Operations, and he is the author of Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images, McGraw Hill International.

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Robert Frump

Robert R.Frump is a nationally recognized journalist who won several major awards while a journalist and investigative reporter at The Philadephia Inquirer. He grew up in the small farm town of Paxton, Ill, graduated from the University of Illinois and received a master's degree from Northwestern University -- all in journalism. He received, with Tim Dwyer, the George Polk Award, for his reporting on unsafe U.S. ships, and the Gerald Loeb Award for National Business Reporting. He was also a member of an Inquirer task force that won the Pulitzer Prize. He is married to Suzanne Saxton-Frump. They have two daughters, Sarah, a student at Brown University, and Caitlin Dean, a software engineer. He is the former managing editor of The Journal of Commerce.