Killer Whales and the Food Web with NOAA Researcher Dr. Laurie Weitkamp | Changing Waters

May 31, 2021

Whales and the West Coast Warm Blob and the food web

In this special rebroadcast of the first of Changing Waters' 2019 series on the plight of southern resident killer whales, National Fisheries Conservation Center's Deputy Director Julia Sanders interviews NOAA researcher Dr. Laurie Weitkamp about the food web effects caused by recent heat waves in the Pacific ocean, including the "warm blob." These changing conditions have caused major disturbances all the way up the food web: starting with microscopic plankton and ending with our beloved Orca whales. Learn more about what's happening in our changing waters as temperatures rise and fisheries face abrupt disruptions -- including the Chinook salmon that southern resident killer whales rely on.

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Brad Warren

The hosts of the Changing Waters podcast are Brad Warren. Brad is a veteran journalist who spent decades covering fisheries and marine conservation, and now heads the National Fisheries Conservation Center (known as NFCC) and its Global Ocean Health Program.