Introducing Engineering Where the Tide Flows: The Texas COPRI Podcast!

March 2, 2022

Welcome the newest show to ASPN!

The inaugural episode of Engineering where the Tide Flows: The Texas COPRI Podcast takes a dive into who COPRI is and some of the people that are creating and executing the COPRI vision. COPRI, which stands for Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute, is an institution within the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) focused on enhancing the core disciplines stated in the name. As the climate changes and our populated coastlines face new challenges COPRI seeks to enhance our skillsets and knowledge to better attack these  focus. Tom Chase, Director, and Tori Tomiczek, President, join us to elaborate on their careers and what brought them to COPRI, where they see COPRI now, and where COPRI is going.

Show Transcription
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Anna Haschert & Philip Blackmar

Anna Haschert was born and raised on an island in the Chesapeake Bay where her love of the water was instilled from an early age. Her love continued into the formation of her professional career, earning BS in Ocean Engineering from the United States Naval Academy, and continuing as a graduate student at the University of Houston in their Civil Engineering Program. After a brief stint in naval architecture, Anna has found her new home as a consulting engineer for waterfront facilities in Houston where she enjoys the inspection, design, and analysis of a range of residential, commercial, and industrial marine structures. Anna has been a member of the ASCE COPRI Membership Committee for the Texas Gulf Coast since 2021. Outside of the office, you can find Anna reading on her patio or visiting home in Maryland, the best and only place to eat crab cakes. Born and raised by a water and adventure loving family in Corpus Christi, TX, Philip Blackmar has been exploring and witnessing change on our Texas coast his whole life. Philip studied at Texas A&M University where he got a BS in Ocean Engineering and learned his passion for the coast could be his career. He followed with a MS in Coastal Engineering at Oregon State University where his masters work focused on better understanding wave height dampening and shoreline protection by vegetation. After school Philip returned home to Corpus Christi to work as a coastal engineer and project manager for HDR Engineering. Philip’s projects include shoreline protection, dredging, wave and current numerical modeling, scour and wave load analysis, and any topic where land meets water, but he most enjoys focusing on habitat and beach restoration projects where he can see his projects restoring and strengthening his favorite places. Philip joined COPRI in 2017 and is actively serving on the Texas Chapter Executive Committee. When Philip is not working you can find him with his wife and two kids, at home on Padre Island or adventuring on the Texas Coast searching for surf.