Glen Spain Part II: Freeing the Klamath River

Dam removal efforts advance on Oregon coastal river

After decades of legal and political wrangling, four dams on the Klamath River are now set for removal, reopening the river for restoration of salmon runs that were nearly destroyed— along with the people who depend on them. The innovative public-private financing that made this possible could be a model for future restoration efforts along the West Coast.  Glen Spain, a leader in restoration effort on behalf of salmon fishermen, recounts the long struggle in this interview with cohost Brad Warren.

Show Transcription
Thane Tienson & Brad Warren

The hosts of the Changing Waters podcast are Brad Warren and Thane Tienson. Brad is a veteran journalist who spent decades covering fisheries and marine conservation, and now heads the National Fisheries Conservation Center (known as NFCC) and its Global Ocean Health Program. Thane is an attorney with deep experience in fisheries and maritime law and policy, and a founding board member of NFCC.