Get to Know the U.S. Youth Advisory Committee for the Ocean Decade | Ocean Decade Show x Sea Change

April 13, 2021

Great Mashup Episode with Taylor Goelz and Jenna Valente

The Ocean Decade is all about collaboration and transformative thinking, and that's the driving force behind this special crossover episode of The Ocean Decade Show. Host Taylor Goelz is joined by Sea Change Advocacy podcast host Jenna Valente and they're speaking to the two co-chairs of the U.S. Youth Advisory Council for the United Nations Ocean Decade (U.S. YAC), Chloe McKenna and Eni Owoeye. This forward-looking, affirmative hour will help you better understand the importance of intergenerational diversity during the Ocean Decade and begin to discuss the role of advocacy during this ten year push to transform the ocean.

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