Florida Water Policy: A Deep Dive with Rep. Holly Raschein and Terry Gibson | Coastal Conundrums

The crystal waters of Florida are not so clear..

Terry Gibson is back on ASPN, this time appearing with Rep. Holly Raschein on the Coastal Conundrum podcast, hosted by Bill O'Beirne. This show is all about the the water legislation that was passed this year. Holly and Terry get to brag a bit, but we also get into the “coastal conundrums,” such as where we should be making expensive investments in coastal infrastructure, and what to do when sea-level rise and hurricanes make such investments something less than practical. At the core of the discussion is Holly's FL Keys district, which is prone to flooding and new investments have been made in wastewater infrastructure despite grim projections for the future of the Keys.

Bill O'Beirne

Bill O'Beirne is the principal at O'Beirne & Associates LLC where he is providing guidance on coastal zone planning, management and governance as well as advice and guidance on coastal resilience. Bill has been involved in coastal planning and management for over thirty years, working at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Institute for Environmental Negotiation. He has worked with local, state, and territorial Coastal Zone Management and Estuarine Reserve Programs in almost every region in the US. That work included programmatic, governance and topical issues ranging from enhancing public access, watershed management, to planning for resilience. He has a masters of Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia.