Fishing's Future - How Tim Doelger is Using Technology to Connect Youth with the Great Outdoors | Shaped by the Sea

October 4, 2020

Screen time to sea time: Can gaming bring kids to nature?

Today's youth are more engaged with technology than ever before, but does this mean they're bound to lose touch with the natural world? Or, can   cell phones and social media be an opportunity to bring the wonder of outdoor spaces to a greater diversity of students?  On this episode of Shaped By The Sea, Brian Yurasits chats with Tim Doelger, the CEO and Founder of TruFishing, to explore how we can transfer 'screen time' into 'sea time'. Tim's mobile app is designed to gamify recreational fishing, capturing the attention of the next generation and getting kids hooked on the sport. There's nothing as timeless as the memories we create while out on the water with friends and family, and modern technology allows us to capture these moments like never before. All it takes is one fish to turn anyone into a lifelong advocate for the ocean.  

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Brian Yurasits

A scientist - surfer- fisherman hybrid, Brian is on a mission to unite the world in protecting our planet's most valuable resource: a healthy ocean. At a young age, Brian taught himself how to surf while enjoying fishing on the weekends with his family. After spending time at NYU and Stony Brook University studying marine conservation and policy, Brian took to the sea as a fisheries observer where he documented the impact of industrial fishing on The Atlantic Ocean. The complex nature of the world's fishing industry has always fascinated Brian, especially the relationship between fishers and scientists. Brian realized that he could bridge the gap between these two historically combative groups, by bringing both to the table to discuss the future of fishing. Brian now finds himself working as Marine Mammal Rescue Community Outreach Manager at Seacoast Science Center in New Hampshire where he is facilitating the rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals.