Empowering Women, Saving the Ocean: An Interview with Alison Clausen | Ocean Decade Show!

March 2, 2023

Behind the scenes of the next Ocean Decade Conference!

To celebrate International Women's Day 2023, this month Taylor welcomes back the first three-time guest on The Ocean Decade Show - Alison Clausen, Ocean Decade-expert and Programme Specialist, Marine Policy & Regional Coordination Section, at the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission. Taylor and Alison chat about gender and the Ocean Decade, re-live big highlights from 2022, look ahead to all that's in store for during 2023, and drop an exciting pre-announcement of the next Ocean Decade Conference in April 2024!

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Taylor Goelz

"Taylor Goelz is a marine social scientist and collaborative policy wonk who has spent the last year helping the United States prepare for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). Her background and expertise spans the realm of marine resources management, from participatory decision making processes for oyster management to finance mechanisms for coastal resilience. She's passionate about finding unique approaches and solutions to common problems, creating novel partnerships, and gluten free chocolate cake - not necessarily in any particular order."