Dr. Wil Burns Decodes the Wild Frontier Space of Carbon Removal | Changing Waters

September 8, 2021

A great overview of the options that lay ahead for the ocean

In this episode of Changing Waters, Global Ocean Health Deputy Director Julia Sanders has the opportunity to interview Dr. Wil Burns, Co-Founder of the Institute for Carbon Removal Policy and Law. An expert in environmental policy, Dr. Burns discusses the wide range of approaches in the rapidly advancing field of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), both on land and in the ocean -- and why the need is so pressing. He covers some of the serious controversies surrounding these technologies, major concerns about engaging stakeholders in implementation and regulation, as well as potential social justice issues.

The Institute is holding the 1st Annual Conference on Carbon Removal Policy and Law on Sept 21st and 22nd, and Dr. Burns shares what virtual attendees can expect. This conference will specifically focus on marine CDR, and will include a variety of fascinating and unique panels and discussions. He also explains why now is exactly the time that ocean stakeholders of all stripes need to be aware and involved in marine CDR, to ensure that potential harmful consequences are kept in check, while still allowing the world to achieve the massive reductions in carbon pollution necessary to avoid disaster and meet the Paris Agreement goals.

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