Deoxygenation and the Oceans in the UN with Dr. Lisa Levin | Changing Waters

January 28, 2021

Changing ocean conditions drive rationalists to action

In this episode of Changing Waters, Global Ocean Health's Julia Sanders interviews Dr. Lisa Levin. From Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Dr. Levin studies deep sea and coastal deoxygenation, including taking deep sea videos of oxygen minimum zones. She discusses her work, as well as a recent op-ed she co-wrote in The Ecologist, which talks about tackling climate change via the United Nations/Paris Agreement. Julia and Dr. Levin also share their experiences at COP21, where the Paris Agreement was signed.

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Brad Warren

The host of the Changing Waters podcast is Brad Warren. Brad is a veteran journalist who spent decades covering fisheries and marine conservation, and now heads the National Fisheries Conservation Center (known as NFCC) and its Global Ocean Health Program.