Crash Course On Ocean Policy - Tips For Navigating Family Politics During The Holidays

Family, friends, and good health. The promise of 2021!

Join Jenna Valente and Brian Yurasits for a special holiday combo show! The Holidays are a time to be thankful for the little things in life that are often the most important, like family, friends, and good health. As we often find in life, the people we love don't always have to share the same political beliefs. This is what makes dinner conversations so interesting around the holidays, because instead of constantly reinforcing our own beliefs with the news and social media that fill our daily screen time, we're forced to sit down and actually listen to people with opposing viewpoints of what's best for our country. Hosts Jenna and Brian bring their family experiences, and marine policy knowledge to the table for a fun episode with tips on how to speak about our oceans and climate with your family this year!