Cod Bless Arica Sears: Field Notes from Norway | Big Tourism

July 26, 2022

What a travel expert thinks about when she goes to Norway.

Situated in the Arctic circle and playing host to northern lights, a midnight sun and the largest cod stock in the world are the Lofoten Islands. Join Big Tourism’s host Arica Sears as she shares travel notes from a recent trip to this incredible coastal destination. Learn about farmers hunting sea eagles with their bare hands, the connection between the islands and Nigeria and even some beach bums Arica ran into in the middle of nowhere. The trip was a great combination of coastal industries, cultural heritage and of course sustainable travel takeaways.

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Arica Sears

Arica Sears is a fourth generation resident of a one stoplight town on the Oregon Coast. She was raised in the hand-me-down wetsuits, life jackets, and rubber boots of her two brothers and the waters of the Nestucca River. Her International Studies degree paved the way for her to research the effects of globalization in Peru on indigenous communities, count by-catch on the Ecuadorian coast, teach English in Spain & France, guide scuba diving in Mallorca, and document timber industry practices on the Oregon Coast. Arica currently works for the Oregon Coast Visitors Association as the Destination Management Coordinator for all 363 miles of Oregon coastline. She works with land management agencies, local businesses, nonprofits, government entities, and citizens to inspire travel and strengthen collaboration to create and steward a sustainable coastal economy.