A Guided, Ocean-Based Meditation by Jenna Valenta | Sea Change

September 9, 2021

Breath deeply and find your place of rest.

As we arrive here in the final weeks of summer and the seasons transition once again, just like the tide ebbing and flowing in a continuous cycle that brings with it so much familiarity, and yet, so much change. Each season is marked with its own distinct energy and, on this episode of the Sea Change Podcast, Jenna meets that energy with a sense of calm, guiding listeners along a meditative path to release and relaxation. Join her to recharge and embrace the cool, crisp fall.

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Jenna Valente

A passion for conservation and appreciation for the natural world was engrained in Jenna at a young age. Her father was in the Coast Guard. This meant she always had the fortune of living near the ocean, including Hawaii, Washington State, and Maine. Both of her parents encouraged her to spend the majority of her time outside. As a result, she finds that she is most comfortable barefoot and exploring the coast, countryside, or mountains. Her favorite thing about the ocean is the sheer power of it all. Jenna joined the American Littoral Society as the Healthy Oceans Coalition Coordinator from the Chesapeake Research Consortium where she was a member of the communications staff and focused on building the brand of the program and ensure the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Jenna completed her Executive Master of Natural Resources from Virginia Tech in 2015 and also has her Bachelors in Communication and Journalism from the University of Maine.