The Intersection of Human Healthcare and the Health of the Ocean | Ocean Decade Show!

November 4, 2022

Diving into the work of National Ocean Decade Committees!

Taylor's podcasting and work lives collide in this month's episode of The Ocean Decade Show! Taylor met this month's guest, Dr. Richard Hixson, through her work at the Aspen Institute and, because the ocean world is small, it turns out that Richard is a member of the UK Ocean Decade National Committee! During this episode, Taylor and Richard chat about his organization Healthcare Ocean which works to amplify the crucial interconnection between our ocean and our human healthcare system and Richard's new role on the UK Ocean Decade National Committee. The UK Ocean Decade Committee aims to promote and enable a whole of UK society approach to the Ocean Decade. It will support and work with UK Government and their representatives to the IOC, to engage the ocean science community and broader society and to inspire them to develop opportunities within the Decade. To learn more about Richard's work, visit

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Taylor Goelz

"Taylor Goelz is a marine social scientist and collaborative policy wonk who has spent the last year helping the United States prepare for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). Her background and expertise spans the realm of marine resources management, from participatory decision making processes for oyster management to finance mechanisms for coastal resilience. She's passionate about finding unique approaches and solutions to common problems, creating novel partnerships, and gluten free chocolate cake - not necessarily in any particular order."