The Exciting Possibilities of Cooperative Management with Regional Ocean Partnerships (ROPs) | Capitol Beach

July 15, 2021

Understanding the (ROPs) Regional Ocean Partnerships

On The Capitol Beach, Derek Brockbank speaks with representatives of the four “Regional Ocean Partnerships (ROPs)”, Lisa Engler from the Northeast (NROC), Kim Cole from the Mid-Atlantic (MARCO), Laura Bowie from the Gulf (GOMA), and John Hansen from the West Coast (WCOA). ROPs are the coordinating and planning bodies that address regional offshore and nearshore issues, including ocean planning, hosting data portals, and relationship management across the myriad of agencies with coastal and ocean jurisdiction. While similar in purpose, each ROP has a regional flavor and structure– GOMA is a gumbo of diverse stakeholders; WCOA works with 100+ tribal nations; NROC coordinates planning and response to the nation’s first offshore wind projects; MARCO provides data for climate adaptation planning. While ROPs have been around at some level for 15 years, Congress is currently considering an ROP Act that would officially authorize and fund these ROPs and pave the way for others in the Great Lakes and South Atlantic, so get a taste of the ROPs on The Capitol Beach, and stay tuned for more in-depth coverage on future ASPN podcasts.

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Derek Brockbank

Derek Brockbank is Executive Director of Coastal States Organization (CSO), which represents the nation’s Coastal States, Territories, and Commonwealths on ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes issues. With two decades of experience in Washington DC on coastal adaptation policy and organizational development, Derek is connecting state coastal management programs with federal agencies and resources in order to address the greatest coastal challenges facing society. He previously served as executive director for the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) where he led the strategic planning and outreach, government affairs, and development goals of the nation’s leading organization advocating for beach and coastal restoration. Prior to starting with ASBPA, Derek worked as campaign director for a coalition effort to restore the Mississippi River Delta and Coastal Louisiana, and was part of a gulf-wide campaign to pass the RESTORE Act, securing billions of dollars for Gulf Coast restoration. This followed up on his work with National Wildlife Federation on climate adaption. Derek grew up in New York City and got his coastal education from an early age playing on the beaches of Long Island, and kayaking and fishing in Peconic Bay.