Coastal Policy In and Out of the Halls of Congress | Capitol Beach & Sea Change Mash Up!

Into the sausage factory . . .

On this joint episode of The Capitol Beach and Sea Change podcasts, Derek Brockbank & Jenna Valente interview two congressional staffers to discuss how what’s it’s like to work on coastal policy-making from inside and outside the halls of congress. Yes, the so-called “revolving door” of staffing in Washington DC is not always about making money, sometimes people move from government positions to jobs in the non-profit sector (and back) so they can do the most to help protect this coast. Podcast guests, Sara Gonzalez-Rothi and Elizabeth Mabry, have had similar careers working with coastal senators, then for conservation organizations (National Wildlife Federation and Environmental Defense Fund) and returning to Capitol Hill to work as committee staff. On the podcast you’ll learn how their roles shaped coastal policy, what it’s like to work in DC, and gain a little insight – and perhaps inspiration – from two talented women who’ve worked their way up from junior Hill staff to being hugely influential in US coastal policy.

Jenna Valente & Derek Brockbank

As Executive Director of ASBPA, Derek Brockbank is responsible for the growth, strategic planning, and government affairs goals of the nation’s leading organization advocating for beach and coastal restoration. Jenna Valente the Healthy Oceans Coalition Coordinator for the American Littoral Society.