Mayor Joe Mancini Returns with an Update from Long Beach Township, NJ | Local Control

April 21, 2021

Mayor Mancini faces summer season #2 in the Covid era.

Host Peter Ravella checks in with Mayor Joe Mancini of Long Beach New Jersey about how his beach town is faring after more than a year of dealing with COVID-19. The town of 8,500 is set to welcome a summer population of 100,000 visitors. That's good for business but presents its own special risks even as the pandemic appears to wane. With a year of experience, Mayor Mancini seems better prepared to handle the summer onslaught. Businesses have adapted, some have thrived, and so far, no local outbreaks have occurred. Will the good fortune continue? A fascinating conversation from the front lines of the pandemic on the American shoreline.  Always grounded, always in-depth, it's the Local Control Podcast on ASPN.

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Peter A. Ravella

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