A Final Toast to the Mighty USS Kitty Hawk | Friday Happy Hour

February 11, 2022

Salute the Kitty Hawk with drinks and stories!

This Friday Happy Hour, Tyler Buckingham and Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet (ret) raise their glasses in celebration and remembrance of the mighty USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63). Commissioned in 1961, the Kitty Hawk served with distinction for 48 years, earning several awards and decorations including the highly prestigious Presidential Unity Citation. Along the way, during the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, a Lieutenant commander Tim Gallaudet served aboard the Kitty Hawk and recounts his experience "driving" the 1,000 foot-long warship during full scale flight operations, an experience he will never forget. Grab a refreshment and join us in toasting to the USS Kitty Hawk and the sailors who served aboard her!

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R. Tyler Buckingham

R. Tyler Buckingham is the Director of Content and Production for Coastal News Today and ASPN. Before launching CNT/ASPN, Tyler worked with Peter A. Ravella Consulting, where he created coastal funding solutions for beach communities. Previously, Tyler worked at Rooftop Comedy where he served as the video and sound editor. In 2013, Tyler worked with Ken Burns' documentary film production company, Florentine Films, where he worked on projects including The Roosevelts: An Intimate Story; I Can't Stop Loving You, a documentary about country music; The Address, a documentary about the recital of the Gettysburg address on its 150th Anniversary; and Vietnam. Tyler also worked on the Ken Burns mobile app, which was released to critical acclaim in 2014. From 2009 to 2012, he was a monitoring and evaluation consultant in the field of international economic development with the U.S. Trade & Development Agency. Originally from Ojai, California, Tyler grew up going to the beaches of Southern California and credits time spent in the tide pools with inspiring an early interest in marine biology and coastal systems. Tyler is the co-host of the American Shoreline Podcast and the host of the Beach Shack Podcast on coastal real estate.