Yamaha’s fish grab gets clipped: Revised Modern Fish Act passes Senate

The so-called Modern Fish Act received unanimous support in the Senate late yesterday, Monday, Dec. 17. Whether or not you’re a stakeholder in the Gulf Coast or South Atlantic fisheries, this act is a sign of things to come. Here’s why.

A different version of this act passed in the House this summer as part of the Magnuson-Stevens Act reauthorization (H.R. 200). In the meantime, industry groups have been working with the recreational fishing lobby to soften language that allows for a quota grab in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic fisheries.

One of the loudest voices behind this grab is Yamaha, mostly known in this industry for outboard engines, and working in concert with the Coastal Conservation Association and the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

It’s no surprise Yamaha would support recreational fishing over commercial fishing. They may call it an act of good stewardship, but there’s also an obvious calculation — recreational boaters buy more outboard engines.

And if they’re front and center in the fight to snatch commercial quota from public access for the benefit of the private sportfishing sector, then hey, that’s just good advertising.

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