World - WinGD engines to run on methanol and ammonia by 2025

Swiss marine engine designer and power system integrator WinGD has revealed that its engines will be able to run on methanol and ammonia from 2024 and 2025 respectively.

As one example, the tanker operator Terntank bunkered and operated its X-DF engines on liquefied biogas as long ago as 2018. The full, long-term use of carbon-neutral or zero-carbon fuels is the next step on this pathway.

Furthermore, emissions from WinGD engines can be optimized in line with International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) incoming Carbon Intensity Index (CII) and Energy Efficient Design Index for Existing Ships (EEXI).

Hybridization of the power arrangement is one option. In line with this, WinGD currently offers system integration services that can maximize fuel efficiency by selecting and sizing hybrid components and the electrical system in parallel with the main engine, the firm noted.

The timeframe for ammonia and methanol capability is part of a wider ambition to grow sales of multi-fueled engines capable of operating on carbon-neutral fuels to 50% of the company’s orderbook by 2030. This is in line with the industry predictions of when these fuels will be available at scale and a viable fuel choice for deep-sea vessels.  

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