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World - Six Ways to Accelerate Seafood Sustainability

Six ways of helping to ensure that the global seafood industry – covering both fisheries and aquaculture – become more sustainable were outlined in a new report which has been published by the United Nations this week.

Called Accelerating Sustainable Seafood, the report was based on the outcome of a ‘sprint’ convened by the United Nations Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business. Over three calls, 50 stakeholders from policy, business, science and finance discussed how the sustainable development of the seafood sector can be accelerated.

The first meeting focused on the role of measurement, including the tools and means to enable effective comparison of seafood companies. Participants discussed “how new forms of sustainability assessments have enabled a ‘race to the top’ between companies, in turn, accelerating the sustainable development of the seafood industry”.

The second meeting focused on the role of finance and how both traditional and innovative financial mechanisms can play a key role in driving the sustainable development of the seafood industry. Financing sustainable seafood, the report argues, “means both unlocking private and public capital towards sustainable projects as well as acting as important ‘gatekeepers’ to ensure investments are directed towards more sustainable practices and decent working conditions”.

The final meeting focused on the role of policy and regulatory frameworks in creating a level playing field for the seafood value chain. The meeting heard from several recent policy case studies which demonstrated ambition.

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