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World - Seafood and the Pandemic: Moving From Shock to Stability

The economic and human shocks of the coronavirus pandemic could be a crucial window of opportunity for the global seafood sector.

A Worldfish research paper available on Research Gate has analysed the responses of the global seafood sector to the first months of the coronavirus crisis. The research, which focuses on how food systems can build resilience in the face of unforeseen challenges, compares the coronavirus responses of the seafood industry across low- and high-income countries.

The paper finds that existing economic structures leave seafood supply chains vulnerable to shock events like COVID-19. They also warn that sustained waves of coronavirus infections could critically weaken the seafood sector, leaving low-income countries at risk of prolonged nutrition crises. However, if policymakers and industry players can adapt and learn from the lessons of the pandemic, the global seafood system could become more resilient and provide critical food security for all.

The impacts of lockdown – micro to macro levels

The researchers mapped the seafood sector’s reactions to COVID-19, identifying public health interventions and the subsequent disruptions to seafood supply chains. The most obvious public health interventions came in the form of lockdowns and official “stay at home” orders. With this as the starting point, the researchers analysed the seafood supply chain based on demand, distribution, labour and production.

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