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World - Reasons to Be Cheerful in Aquaculture in 2021?

Aquaculture operators can be largely optimistic about their prospects in 2021, although some farmers, particularly in Chile, may struggle to fulfil increasingly onerous regulations.

So predict key figures from Innovasea, who released a list of predictions for 2021 today.

“Long-term trends in the aquaculture industry are still positive but there is some lingering near-term uncertainly because of Covid-19’s impacts on hotels and restaurants,” said David Kelly, CEO of Innovasea. “Fortunately, there has been an increase in home consumption of seafood, so that’s helped soften the blow from the pandemic.

“From a North American perspective, there’s a lot of interest in land-based aquaculture and the United States is now looking at ways to increase ocean-based aquaculture, which are both welcome developments.”

Other predictions from Innovsea staff

  1. New government regulations will prove challenging to fish farms in Chile
    “Fish farms in Chile will be under immense pressure to comply with new government regulations that require them to do real-time monitoring of dissolved oxygen, salinity and temperature in and around their fish pens – and then transmit that data immediately to government agencies. There’s going to be steep learning curve for workers, and managers will need to put more thought and planning into their operations,” predicted Juan Pablo Barrales, the company's managing director in Chile.

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