WORLD - Modular floating dwelling units for coastal communities over the world as a solution to Climate chnage and population growth along the worlds coasts

Architectural firm Dada envisions modular floating dwelling units for coastal communities over the world.

Exploring the severe effects of population increase and global warming on future living conditions over the world, manila-based architecture firm dada has introduced the ‘currents for currents’ floating housing solution for the coastal communities. originally set in the philippine context, the proposal aims to combat the vulnerability of waterfront areas in the face of harsh natural calamities, as well as the lack of reliable power infrastructure in these far-flung regions.

Coastal communities are ‘caught in the cross fire between the scarcity of land and resources, and the rising tides and storm surges brought about by the seadada shares. they are forced to live in the most volatile conditions, thus they are in dire need of safe and sustainable shelters, creating room for an innovative solution bringing architecture and the sea together. with blue as the new green as the design philosophy, the currents for currents project can provide resilient, flexible living structures that can adapt to the sea’s ever-changing conditions.


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