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World - How is a beach formed?

Have you ever wondered how a beach is formed? The formation of sand strips is a long process that involves minerals, water, wind, waves, and tides.

It all starts in a mountain or rocky structure located more or less far away from the coast. Eroded sediments are transported from a river or stream and then deposited on the bottom.

Eventually, they're channeled to the ocean through river mouths.

The movement caused by swells, tides, and breaking of the waves will then help sand accumulate near the shore.

But how do things erode? How do rock and other solids wear away?

Firstly there's attrition, which is when rocks strike together. Abrasion is when they rub together. This can also happen with sediment, as the water is full of sand.

And then, hydraulic action, in which water is driven into cracks. Finally, there's corrosion, which is a chemical breakdown of large, medium, and small sediments or minerals.

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