World - Global youth draft 'Blue New Deal' to protect oceans: 'Time to end generational injustice'

Seek public comment on global youth crowd-sourced ocean policy framework to balance ocean, human, climate, and economic health

Concerned youths worldwide today delivered a policy vision for policy-makers to address the declining state of the world's ocean.

A carbon neutral economy, preserving biodiversity, achieving sustainable seafood production, and reforming ocean governance are the four fundamental pillars supporting policy recommendations debuted in the Global Blue New Deal, an ocean policy framework built around crowd-sourced youth priorities.

"Healthy oceans are essential to human survival and well-being, and environmental health must be a global priority as we recover from the pandemic and build a sustainable blue economy," says Mark Haver, Chair of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance's Youth Policy Advisory Council.

He and 14 fellow Young Ocean Leaders on the Council spent a year gathering and synthesizing more than 100 survey responses in five languages from the SOA global youth community in 38 countries on how to end the cycle of ocean decline.

"Today's oceans are overfished, rife with plastic, and overexploited for minerals, fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources. We need to end this cycle of decline and generational injustice that threatens us all."

Today, June 7, 2021, is the first step of integrating public comment into the Global Blue New Deal. Our event, "Defining The Blue New Deal: A Youth Led Workshop For The Future of Our Ocean," seeks to collect feedback on our framework from youth and stakeholders ahead of larger public comment periods.

Starting in July, our public comment period seeks to engage the UN Major Group for Youth and Children, UN Ocean Decade affiliates, the NGO sector, more youth, and other ocean stakeholders in gathering input ahead of our official launch of the final Global Blue New Deal before COP26.

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