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World - EU Database Raises More Questions About Japanese Owner Of Mauritius Oil Spill Ship

The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius continues to face an unprecedented ecological, human health and economic impact from the devastating oil spill in August.

At the center of the controversy lies the Wakashio bulk carrier, the cause of the disaster. Now, an important EU Ship Transparency Database, called EQUASIS (Electronic Quality Shipping Information), administered by the European Maritime Safety Authority in Lisbon, Portugal, is raising more questions about the Japanese owner of the Wakashio.

With demands growing for a full international inquiry into how the bulk carrier – one of the largest ships in the ocean – came to crash into a network of internationally protected nature reserves along Mauritius’ coral reefs, questions are starting to be asked about the business operations of the vessel owner itself, Japan-based Nagashiki Shipping Co Ltd (reportedly known as Changfeng Steamship company in Japan). This is particularly relevant as Mauritius prepares its multi-billion dollar legal case for damages from the vessel’s insurers.

There is a growing mismatch between statements made by the company’s representatives, what is listed on the company’s website and what international shipping databases are showing.

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