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World - Can Probiotics Solve Aquaculture's Water Pollution Issues?

Multiple studies have shown that bacillus probiotics can help aquaculture producers improve fish health and performance – but can probiotics help address water pollution issues as well?

A recent paper in Aquaculture Reports outlines the ways bacillus-based probiotics can improve water quality and reduce pollution in aquaculture. The review highlights various studies where deploying bacillus directly into aquaculture water improved water quality parameters like transparency, pH and nitrogen load. It also explains how bacillus bacteria clean up oil spills and organic waste.

The research team notes that though probiotics can mitigate many water pollution issues in aquaculture, there isn’t much evidence on how to optimise their use. Key information for producers – like which strain of bacillus is best suited for a specific issue, the optimum water temperature or method of delivery – are still unknown.

The authors argue that researchers must now focus their efforts on understanding bacillus’ genetic makeup and how the microbes interact with their surrounding environment at the molecular level. This in-depth information would let producers use probiotics more efficiently – ensuring they remain a cost-effective solution to a range of production issues.

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