World - 4 Outstanding Features Of Denmark's $34 Billion Green-Energy Island

Denmark's Green Energy Island in the North Sea is scheduled for completion in 2033.

September 19, 2018

Denmark is currently busy building two of the world's first green energy island sources. One is in the North sea, and the other is in the Baltic sea. The Green energy island in the North Sea is progressing faster, and the cost of producing this energy field has been a grand $34 billion. The project is still in its planning phase, and the construction is expected to begin on-site by 2026. Both the projects are predicted to be completed by 2033.

The plan for the Green energy projects had originated in Denmark back in 2016. In June 2020, this project was accepted by the Danish government and came to pass. Meanwhile, a lot of hype around the green energy island on the North Sea is created. It comes with a horde of unique features that make it exemplary for the rest of the world. Reports suggest that other such projects are also being planned in different coastal regions. The inspiration is the green-energy island's success rate.

The following are some of Denmark's $34 billion Green energy island's fantastic features and aspects

4. The Brilliant Engineering

The Green energy island on the North sea will extend over an area of about 120,000 square meters. Ingenious engineering techniques artificially produce this island. Although the idea of creating artificial islands and coasts is not a new milestone in architectural history, building a green energy island that spreads across such vast boundaries indeed is something to be proud of.

High and thick walls will guard this green energy island against ocean currents on three sides. On the fourth side, high walls won't exist as this part of the island will be used as a dock. The vast floating island will be situated just 50 miles away from the Coast of Denmark and tethered in a region surrounded by windmills. The humongous island will be the source of its green energy production.

3. The Huge Scope Of This $34 Billion Project

The green energy fields of Denmark cover about 120,000 square meters of land, which is equivalent to 20 soccer fields. The massive amount of land on sea assigned to this $34 billion project targets to produce maximum green energy.

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