Erosion at Pelican’s Reach was the impetus of the 2017 project, OBV.

Widening Southern Shores beach to cost at least $9 million

Widening the full length of the beach in Southern Shores would cost between $9 million and $13.5 million if it is done at the same time that neighboring towns renourish their shorelines in 2022, a recently completed assessment says.

The Vulnerability Assessment and Beach Management Plan by Aptim Coastal Planning and Engineering of North Carolina looked at scenarios based on a storm similar to 2003’s Hurricane Isabel, which was so powerful it carved a new inlet through southern Hatteras Island.

Also taken into account were long-time erosion rates, the impact of storms, tide cycles and past, present and future sea-level rise.

“The Beach Management Plan provides a long-term vision for the Town of Southern Shores to sustain the beaches that support a significant portion of their local economy and maintains the tax base of the Town,” a summary of the plan said.

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