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Cyprus - When reason and building permission don’t mix

From time to time it comes to our attention either through our own experience or through information from our readers, various situations that can only be described as “odd”.

Some of these odd situations we understand occur in undeveloped countries, but not in an E.U. member state which aspires to become better.

Paphos Complex

A commercial and residential project erected 40 years ago along the Paphos coastal road (Poseidon) is in turmoil.

The project has a wide private pavement along the road and local shops took over some of this pavement and used it for placing tables and goods for the passers-by, creating a certain cacophony and interrupting the smooth pedestrian flow.

Approximately 10 years ago the Municipality of Paphos wrote to the shop owners suggesting the extension of the shops to a certain line within the private pavement and suggested a uniform structure for an extension charging the owners approximately €20,000/each.

Duly paid and constructed (by the Municipality) the project was improved and, in its appearance, and utilization for all, customers/dinners/bar uses etc.

Suddenly after 10 years of the “new” project operation, the administrative committee wrote to the shop owners suing them for damages for the illegal extension.

The private pavement extension was done by the Planning Authority (the Municipality of Paphos) so who is to blame, the owners, the administrative committee, the Municipality (either of the two but not the owners).

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