Levees, Dikes and Dams (8), NPSPhoto, R. Cammauf Everglades Restoration

What’s going on with Everglades restoration? You asked, the Miami Herald answered

The draining of Florida’s Everglades started in the late 1800s as an effort to convert the wetlands into land fit for agricultural, residential and commercial development.

According to the National Park Service, in 1948 Congress authorized a Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project that drained half of the original Everglades and turned South Florida into the globally important economic region it is today.

But the unintended consequences of the drainage brought worsened water quality, destruction of natural habitats and loss of native species that once thrived there. In the southern Everglades, the lack of fresh water destroys critical habitat; and in Florida Bay, excess water ruins the saltwater balance and kills off habitat that supports world-class recreational fishing in the Florida Keys.

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