What Are King Tides? - A Virtual Reality Explainer

You may have heard a lot of talk about king tides. But what are they exactly? Well in this Virtually Rick we’re going to take a dip into what they are and what they do.

First Up: Tides.

It never ceases to amaze me that this is how they work: Here’s the moon and the Earth.

The moon may look fairly docile, but actually it’s very powerful. The moon like the earth has a gravitational pull. Anything that weighs something, has mass, has pulling power, gravity if you will.

So the bigger the mass, the bigger the pull. The moon is roughly a quarter the size of the earth and the reason we don’t fly off the earth’s surface is because of the gravity, it pulls us down.

I’m going to really simplify this. The moon's own gravity is the driving force of the tides -- the sun helps too, but let’s just make this a moon party.

So the moon’s force pulls the oceans upwards creating high tides in the areas which face the moon, and low tides in the areas that don’t. You have land in the way so that impacts where the water can flow. This happens twice a day.

So what then is a king tide?

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